Favorite brand?

Whats your favorite color combination?

Do you focus on making your wardrobe cohesive?

Who were your biggest non-celebrity lolita influences? (that is, someone who influenced your style but is not a youtuber, model, artist, etc.)

Do you let social media influence your coord decision?

What drew you to the substyles you wear?

What is a substyle you wouldn't wear?

What fashion were you involved in before you started wearing lolita? Did it influence your styling choices?

How has your style change from when you first started wearing lolita to now?

What is your go-to coord?

What would you say is your most experimental coord?

What's the weirdest or most unconventional thing you've used as inspiration for a coord?

What's a lolita style you'd like to wear but are otherwise to scared or broke to try?

Have you expanded your interest in other J fashion outside of lolita?