3 February 2024

Sorry I haven't been updating the page, we bought a house and have been renovating it. Plus a lot of other things happened, so I have to focus on other aspects of my life for a while. Looking forward to getting back into lolita this Spring, though!

18 February 2022

Added three OPs to my wardrobe.

16 February 2022

Added one OP and two skirts to my wardrobe.

15 February 2022

Fixed most of the broken images. Updating my wardrobe.

3 July 2021

Started updating my wardrobe, removed various things I've sold. I'll try and take photos of the past 8 months worth of purchases soonish.

22 June 2021

I'm alive, just taking a course which takes up 95% of my energy and joint function. Might be quiet here for a few more months!

16 February 2021

Created aesthetic ramble pages for my 2021 lolita focuses. Started updating my wishlist page.

10 January 2021

Unveiled my shrine to Sheglit!

8 January 2021

Updated my blouses, skirts, outerwear & accessories page.

30 December 2020

Updated my wardrobe - added and subtracted from every page.

29 December 2020

Updated my music page. Making small additions and changes to a lot of in-progress pages, shrines, etc.

8 December 2020

Slowly working on the dolls page. I need to update my wardrobe photos, but the lighting has been impossibly bad.

29 September 2020

Updated the menu bar with links to my shrines and dolls pages - both are WIPs, I have a lot more content I'll be slowly rolling out. There are so many half-finished projects!

8 September 2020

Updated my wardrobe, and am in the process of updating my coordinates page with a new editing style.

17 August 2020

Been updating my music diary, and working on some new, still secret, content...

25 July 2020

Updated my dresses, outerwear and coordinates page. I got my dream dress, y'all!!!! Vampire Prelude!!!!!!

16 July 2020

Updated wardrobe.

2 July 2020

Added two new dresses to my lolita wardrobe!

28 June 2020

Updated my coordinates diary.

16 June 2020

Updated blouses, accessories, and outerwear.

19 May 2020

Updated my dresses, skirts, blouses and accessories pages. Updated my music diary.

4 May 2020

Updated my accessories and coordinate pages.

1 May 2020

Updated my outerwear page with three of my corsets.

26 April 2020

Updated my wardrobe with new items and new pictures in better lighting, still have jewelry and more updated pictures to add this upcoming week.

25 April 2020

Updated my coordinates diary with two coords from this month.

24 April 2020

Updated my wardrobe, removed a couple of pieces and added a few new things.

23 April 2020

Updated the aesthetics pages some more, added more pixels (dollz!), begun working on a few new pages.

22 April 2020

Updated the layout, added a 'sexy or not' page to my aesthetic rambles, added some music to aesthetic pages.

10 March 2020

Updated my wardrobe.

8 March 2020

Updated my coordinates page and made a main page for my aesthetic rambles.

21 February 2020

Added this updates box to the main page and updated the links.

17 February 2020

Updated the coordinate page and added pictures of my dresses to my wardrobe.

12 February 2020

Updated my diary and music page.