Socks & Shoes

Updated 27 January 2020

Queen Bee Pumps

Since I have hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, joint stability is a problem for me. I was pretty nervous to try out heels, in case I gave myself a new problem joint - so I started out with these low platform pumps. They arrived, and they were atleast one size too big! But that ended up being perfect, because once I put some super cushioned inserts in them, they became extremely comfortable and easy to walk in. The side profile is a little less elegant than I would like, but I used these exclusively the first 6 months I returned to lolita, and they've served me super well... as you can probably see from the scuffs...

Miho Matsuda 4-Strap Pumps

I felt ready to graduate to a slightly higher heel, I got a bunch of money for my birthday, and they were on sale! I really like them, they're a perfect 'default' shoe for gothic/dark classic lolita because they are quite comfortable without sacrificing any elegance.

Moi-même-Moitié Pumps

I first noticed how INCREDIBLE these were after seeing my friend Maria coordinate them - she has the most amazing collection of old Moitie, and I remember my eyes being drawn to these heels over and over again, because they really crowned the coordinates with that extremely special elegance that Elegant Gothic Lolita (in the original sense) has. I feel so lucky to have found these, and in such good condition! They arrived with the sticker still on them, as you can see in the pictures (taken 10 minutes after opening the box)! They're actually okay to walk in, but since they're so rare, and since I could so easily permanently ruin an ankle in them, they're reserved primarily for taking coordinate photos, not actually wearing to meets.

Angelic Imprint White Pumps

I really like Angelic Imprint. I think they make nice, comfy, classic shoes for lolita at a very reasonable price. I like that they have so many different options. These are the sweet spot between platform aesthetic and walkability, for me. I'd like to get another pair in black.

Angelic Imprint Platform Boots

These boots are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I currently own! The platforms are made of a squishy sort of material, and I ordered them one size up so I could put even more cushioning in them. Even as a disabled, half-noodle woman prone to gnarly foot and knee pain, I find them very comfy to stand and walk in.